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"I was diagnosed in January, 2018 with Melanoma. There was a tumor in my left armpit. The Immunotherapy prescribed to combat the tumor nearly killed me; always a fairly slender woman, I developed lethal colitis, losing 36 pounds in 6 weeks. Worse than that, my tumor ballooned in size! I was then prescribed 15 doses of radiation, which didn't hurt until the end, when the brutal burn rash covered my chest and back. It took two years before the tumor was small enough to surgically remove, and the tumor was still big enough, my surgeon broke a rib taking it out.

If only that had been the end of the journey for me! It's been a year since my surgery, and--because of my radiation therapy--the wound from surgery has still not healed enough to close. The most miraculous therapy has been Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy; unfortunately, there is no such therapy in Mammoth Lakes, where I live. I have to travel from Mammoth every Monday and stay in a Lancaster hotel from Monday until Friday morning.

City of Hope offers no respite whatsoever in the way of hotel deals or subsidies in the Lancaster/Palmdale area. I have also called a variety of hotels, but they also offer nothing in the way of deals for cancer patients.
The hospital in Mammoth Lakes told me about Fighters 4Life, and honestly, I have faced so much disappointment, my expectations were low as I wrote to them. (I'd written to several other cancer foundations and received no replies.) However, Jacky called back immediately, and quickly gave me the money I needed for another month in Palmdale for hyperbaric oxygen treatment. My lodging, gas, and food were now taken care of! Hyperbaric Oxygen is not an overnight cure for radiation injuries, but my skin is now alive again! I will soon be healed, thanks to Fighters4Life! I will be grateful for as long as I live, which at the moment, could be a very long time.

Thank you a thousand times! - Pamela Camille"