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Ed Swayze, 70, a loving husband and father passed away from Stage IV Melanoma on 1/9/17. It was only 16 days ago that Ed was admitted to the hospital with a tumor in his groin. Because the prognosis with melanoma is so bleak, the only options available were surgery or hospice. Ed opted for the surgery and sadly, due to uncontrollable internal bleeding, the surgery was not a success.

In the days after surgery Ed was intubated and unable to communicate with Carole the urgency of their financial situation. Ed was in hospice for only 1 day and passed away with his wife Carole by his side.

Ed and Carole began a new trucking business in 2015, they invested all of their savings. Ed was working hard until the day he was admitted to the hospital and could not have foreseen that he would never return home again. His sudden death has left Carole in a severe emotional and financial hardship.

Ed was an extraordinary man who lived an extraordinary life and didn’t let age deter him. A veteran of the Vietnam war, long haul trucker (at age 69 he had a fleet of 1 truck), retired Respiratory Therapist, animal lover, loving husband, and father. Ed had a profound impact on many.