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Dorothy's diagnosis: Until Sunday the 13th of July we thought she was a normal little 2 + 1/2 year old. Happy and healthy, she has ALWAYS been. How our lives changed when we found out that she now is in the fight of her young life. It all started this way................. Sunday- a tiny bit of blood showed up in her urine, then a visit to the ER, an ultrasound (a mass was detected on her L-kidney ), in less than 1/2 hour we were in an Ambulance for a 100 mile ride to her Hospital in Santa Barbara. She was admitted immediately. Monday- tests and a CAT scan, which showed the mass was a tumor, massive in size in her L-kidney and had also entered the Ven-cava as well as residing in the R-Atrium of her heart. Tuesday- a PET Scan was performed to look for cancer anywhere else in this little Angels body. No cancer was seen elsewhere. The first breath we took for nearly 2 days. Wednesday- was surgery for a biopsy of the kidney in order to determine which cancer type is growing inside her. As well as the biopsy being performed an IV-picc line for her treatments was put in place as well as 2 temporary catheters. Thursday- more testing and cultures were done as Dorothy's fever issue was addressed. Waiting on biopsy results. Friday- Dorothy's cancer is identified as Stage 3 - Cancerous Wilms' Tumor (nephroblastoma) and resides in her Left Kidney and 2/3 of the Right Atrium of her heart. Chemotherapy was begun Friday and will continue for at least 28 weeks.