We're Raising Money for the High Hopes Challenge

Fighters 4 Life is excited to announce that we are turning our efforts in the fight against cancer towards a new cause. We are working with High Hopes to raise money for the High Hopes Challenge, a fundraiser to assist the construction and functionality of a new cancer treatment center in Africa!

About the High Hopes Challenge

In Africa, cancer has become a huge new epidemic. Statistics show that 33% of cancers in Africa are associated with infections, such as HIV related cancers, HPV cervical cancer, and hepatitis viruses with hepatic cancer. Fortunately, there is a strategy to help combat this new epidemic of cancer.

The three steps needed to help fight African cancer are:

  • Preventative action
  • Early diagnosis and treatment
  • Palliative care

In order for these crucial steps to be met, resources will need to be raised. Africa, as of now, does not have the resources to attack these steps with the ferocity needed to be effective and successful. That is why our team at Fighters 4 Life are teaming up with the High Hopes to raise money for the first cancer treatment center in the north horn of Africa. As of now, there are many clinics in the area, but none of them can treat those who have been diagnosed. Because of this reason, cancer has become the #1 killer in Africa.

Why We Care

Years ago, our co-founder Michael Kreple visited Africa. As a cancer survivor, he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro—a true testament to the obstacles he overcame in his fight against cancer. During his trip, Michael became attached to the community and people he found there. The land, the mountains, the children in the orphanages, and the people became a huge part of his life and his journey as a cancer survivor. Now, Michael is taking his fight to the people and the culture he fell in love with.

Help Us Build the Cancer Treatment Center

This new treatment center will be equipped with much needed cancer treatments, as well as a staff of neurologists, radiologists, and pediatrics. By donating to the High Hopes Challenge, you can help us get equipment to the center and start treating those who have been diagnosed—many of which are children. Help us to continue the fight against cancer all over the world!

Donate to the High Hopes Challenge Here!