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Joan Meijer

She served as treasurer of the Woodstock Kindergarden in Woodstock Vermont. 1969-71 She was Secretary-Treasurer of the Founding Board and Board of Trustees of the Barnard Kindergarden and Nursery School 1971-1975. She served as secretary to the Board of Trustees of the White River Valley Ambulance Service and co-Director of the Barnard FAST Squad Emergency Response Team. 1975-85.

She was the Founder and Director of the National Emergency Care Advisory Council to Television, Instructor in First Aid and CPR for the American National Red Cross and the National Heart Association. 1975-85.

She co-Directed the Summer Internship Program for the Ford Foundation Human Resources Department in New York City. 18887-1999.

She has co-authored books with Suzy Prudden since 1987 and was the co-owner and Executive Vice President of Suzy Prudden International and Positive Changes Hypnosis in Loss Angeles. 1999-2005. Joan is ​currently a professional writer and author.

Jenny Barry

Jennifer Barry has spent the last 20 years working one on one with physically and developmentally delayed individuals. She also has a background in business administration. Her passions include music, art, baking, gardening, dancing and most importantly, spending quality time with her family at their home in Hartland, Vermont.

Heidi Soos

Working for a small marketing firm in Nantucket in the late 90's was a gift! I acquired a wealth of knowledge that has helped me immeasurably in business ownership! Leaving Nantucket and becoming an apprentice for Acupuncture and wholistic healthcare and studying martial arts was a true grounding experience! Years later I moved to Upstate NY and opened a consignment store in which I ran a small non-for profit called the Circle of Women, we provided women with household items needed (vacuums, curtains , beds, shampoo,cleaning supplies , and more) to start over after coming out of shelters ! Switching gears again I now am the owner/operator/guide of Wilderness Trails and The Vermont Fly Fishing School in Quechee VT and spend my time facilitating Outdoor activities to visitors of this beautiful Green Mountain State

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