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Fighters 4 Life

One Family's Triumph

We are Michael and Jacky Kreple, Co-Founders of Fighters 4 Life. In 2010 Michael was diagnosed with an aggressive blood cancer and the prognosis was grim. In the face of adversity from both treatment and the resulting financial impact, we kept asking ourselves: “How do we turn this around and make this life-changing event a gift?” From that, an idea was born.

In 2011 we put into motion Fighters 4 Life, an organization targeted at not just reducing financial hardship for a cancer fighter and their families, but also providing basic needs such as food and clothing during their treatment. Needs that the larger organizations sometimes cannot provide. Fighters 4 Life is dedicated to building a community of support for cancer fighters all around the world. We also offer donors the unique opportunity to see the direct impact that they are making for our fighters and truly make the donation process come full circle.

We are currently fundraising and anticipate this year to be our best yet.

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